Hello and welcome.

Im motivated by the simple but powerful fact that technological and scientific advancements have provided us with an incredible opportunity to innovate and reconsider the way we in which we impact each other, and the world around us.

I'm most interested in working in these problem spaces:
• mental health 🧠
• environmental degradation 🌲
• social inequality 🏚
• human rights 🦸
• animal welfare and conservation 🐶

Outside of these areas, I'm also interested in working with great people who are looking to challenge the status quo in their field.

Me and my beliefs:
• Background in psychology, social sciences and linguistics.
• Ethical design and individual responsibilty.
• Research underpins craft and vision.
• Structure and chaos both have their place.
• Building the right things for the right reasons. Subjective, I know.
• Listening before talking.
• Economic viability and sustainable business models.
• Purpose over profit in the long run.
• Data-informed but human-led decision making.

How I can help:
• Discovery -> Implementation
• Research and strategy
• Product design and management
• Making your business better 😜

I'm currently mentoring with Designlab, and Springboard. If you want to pay it forward, please use these affiliate links. You might also get a discount (they change their offering from time-to-time).

Want to get in touch?

If you'd like to have a chat about a project or the industry in general book a slot, or send me an email.